10.16.2019 Update [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), 20191016 for (8.8)

*Released only to field testers. Changes below are included as part of the Shepherd's Staff 2020 October 30th, 2019 release.  

New Features and Changes:

  • Feature: Label sort order added for household name. With household labels, it sorts by household name and then by the first line of the label. For person labels, it sorts by household name, and then by person last name, and then by person first name.
  • Feature: “Find data entry issues” tool is added to Tools/Settings.
    • This was formerly the “Anomalies” report, that was only available within certain denominational reports.
  • Feature: From the Person record, when you click the A/S/T button, you can now add, edit, or delete activities, skills/Spiritual gifts, and training classes.


  • Church Roster report: Removed Church Roster from the list of reports. The roster report is very similar to the Church Phone Book. 
    • Symbols can be added to the Church Phone book report if desired.
  • Data update process: Death Date will auto-fill with Removed Date for anyone Removed By “Death”, as part of the update process. 


  • Fixed: color-coding/strike-through of names carrying over to the household; household headings should have a gray background.
  • Fixed: multiple death records being created with a person removed by Death being saved multiple times.
  • Fixed: Newsletter Method missing from the household Mailing Information panel.
  • Fixed received by/date received being required for non-members in the United Methodist edition.
  • Fixed non-members being added with the baptized checkbox marked.
  • Fixed tab order issues in certain church register windows.
  • Fixed user-defined field names not appearing on the person edit window, Church tab, for the 3 church-defined fields.
  • Fixed bug with deleting phone carriers.
  • Fixed issue with Sunday School and school grade numbers (the internal numbers used by the Promote Student utility), being set to 0 when you saved a person. This could also cause grades to appear duplicated on some reports.
    • Tester databases will be automatically checked/fixed as part of the next service pack (i.e. we go through and replace any missing internal grade numbers with their correct values).
  • Fixed error when adding a visitor that has the same name as someone else in the database. (Error: 0, Location: frmU_VisitorQuickAdd, Routine: ValidateData, Trace: 0)
  • Fixed issue with LCMS Youth List skipping some kids if the country was not entered correctly.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in the Person Edit window with some combo boxes moving through options.
  • Fixed where the first two combo options were hidden for Standard edition Membership Code in the Person Add window.
  • Fixed issue with the Person Add window, Standard edition, requiring Membership Code even for non-members.
  • Fixed issue with adding a phone carrier that exceeded the character limit.
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