10.03.2019 Update [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), 20191003

Released October 3rd, 2019

*Released only to field testers. Changes below are included as part of the Shepherd's Staff 2020 October 30th, 2019 release.  

New Features and Changes:

  • Change: Membership Summary/Stats are hooked up and auto-calculate each time you close Membership.
  • Feature: Added “Everyone” to the Behavior stats in the Dashboard
  • Feature: New grid search option added for starts/ends with, by using the “%” wildcard.


  • Fixed: Labels not sorting correctly.
  • Fixed: WebTools sync
  • Fixed: Offering Batch entry, click Find, Error 3061, “Two few parameters. Expected 1.”
  • Fixed: “The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add” when printing labels from the People grid.
  • Fixed: Envelope number now appears on the person record.
  • Fixed: Calendar printing blank for 1 month.
  • Fixed: Could accidentally save more than one head or spouse per household.
  • Fixed: Error of “…Setting15 cannot be a zero-length string” when saving a report.
  • Fixed: “(everyone except removed)” returning removed people, instead.
  • Fixed: Error when entering symbols for the Church Directory.
  • Fixed: Error when doing successive exports to Word when a prior export is still being worked with.
    • Export file names now have a date/time stamp, down to the second.)
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