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Static Subgroups are lists of people that the user creates manually. A Static Subgroup should be used when a list of names is needed for which no data is common in Shepherd’s Staff.

For example, the church has a softball team and labels are needed to send registration forms out. There is no field for “Softball Team” in Shepherd’s Staff, so a Dynamic Subgroup cannot be made. Creating a Static Subgroup for the softball team is the only way that list can be used in Reports (such as Labels, Address Report, etc.).

A Static Subgroup can also be created by using a Dynamic Subgroup as the basis and then subtracting individuals from it. You can do this by using the Static button while you have a Dynamic Subgroup highlighted. This creates a Static Subgroup based on the results of the Dynamic Subgroup at that time.



Static Subgroups are simply lists of people and will never update automatically.


Here is how to create a Static Subgroup:

  1. Open the Membership, or Attendance module and click on the Subgroups button in the Central Toolbar
  2. To make a Static Subgroup from a Dynamic Subgroup, highlight the Dynamic Subgroup and click the Static button. If you just want to create a Static Subgroup from scratch, click the Add button and choose Static.
  3. Add a name for the Subgroup. A description and category are optional but can be helpful in managing the Subgroups.
  4. Select people’s names from the Not in the subgroup list, and click Add. If you need to remove people, select them from the In the subgroup list, and click Remove.
  5. Click Save when you are done.
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