Event Summary Add-Edit-Copy [Tech Specs]


Purpose: This window allows the user to add, edit, of copy event summaries apart from the automatic creation from batch posting.

Location:  Attendance Module > Events Tab > By date Subtab 

How it works

  • If adding, the user must select an event and a date to create an event summary. After selecting these, the user can manually insert the attendance totals of non-visitors and visitors for each attendance type.
  • If editing or copying, the user can change everything – event, date of event and totals – from the beginning.


If the EventSummary has attendance detail associated with it – the event and date cannot be changed.

There cannot be more than one event summary for a particular date and event combination.

  • When the user enters numbers (either types the number in or uses the up and down arrow keys to raise or lower number to the desired result), the totals for each row and column are automatically calculated.
  • The “calculate using” box determines whether the program adds the column of each row together or if it uses the highest number to calculate the totals (this is relevant if people perform multiple types for an event and their attendance is not to be counted twice).
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