Roll Back Fiscal Year


When you get to the end of your year-end process, it's possible that you might have missed some transactions, or maybe you need to get a report from a previous fiscal year that you missed. Rolling back your Fiscal Year will allow you to get back into your previous year so you can enter transactions for your previous fiscal year, or get the reports you missed.

Before you get started, it's a good idea to make a backup of your Shepherd's Staff data. Once that's complete, make sure you have closed all modules of Shepherd's Staff, and then, on the main menu of Shepherd's Staff, click on Utilities, and then click Settings. From here, click on the Contributions/Finance tab. Where it says "Finance Year", the beginning date for the Finance Year you're currently in will be listed. To go back to a previous fiscal year, change the year in that box to the fiscal year you want to go back to. You do not need to, and cannot change the year in the second box where it shows the ending date of your fiscal year. This date will change automatically when you press "OK" at the bottom of the window.

After you've pressed OK, and open Finance, you will be back in the fiscal year you selected. At this point, you can run any reports, and edit or add any transactions from that fiscal year you need to.


Depending on what you did when you rolled back your fiscal year will change the path you take to get back to your current fiscal year.

  • I ran reports or viewed transactions, but didn't make any changes - Close your Finance module, and repeat the process of rolling back your fiscal year but instead of changing back to a previous year, enter the start of your current fiscal year in the "fiscal year" box.
  • I added or edited transactions - You will need to rerun the Year-End Utility. This needs to be done, as the changes you made to a transaction or any new transactions you added will have an effect on the ending balances for that fiscal year, and therefore, have an effect on the beginning balance of the fiscal year you're going back in to. If you went back multiple fiscal years, you will need to run the year end utility multiple times until you're back in your current Fiscal Year.
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