Advanced Batch - Visitor Count Window [Tech Specs]


Purpose: Allow the user to add visitor attendance for individuals not recorded in the database. Also, allow users to input further information on visitors via a note. This is an alternative to the ‘Add Visitor’ option in the advanced batch in which a number of attendees are recorded instead of individual persons. The two methods of recording visitors can both be used in a single batch.

Location: Attendance Module > Attendance Tab > Batches Subtab > Advanced Batch Edit widow > Visitors Button

Functionality: The window appears when the user clicks the “Visitors” button on the Advanced Batch Window. Attendance types will only show for the types associated with the batch event.

The “In Batch” and “Total” counts are not editable. The “In Batch” amount will contain the number of visitors already entered into the batch (those marked with a “V” in the right grid in the Advanced Batch window). The “Other” amount is the number of additional visitors the user wishes to add to the batch. The “Total” amount is “In Batch” and “Other” added together.

The text boxes allow numbers only. They are capped at a length of 5 digits. Using the UP and DOWN keys on the keyboard will allow the user to adjust the number by one. Any blanked-out text boxes will be reset to 0 (this behavior is very similar to the Event Summary window).

When a change is made (either to the totals, or the note), a save icon will appear on the Save button. Clicking Cancel will prompt a sanity check.

If one loads this window with a note already (which is indicated by the pencil icon on the “Visitors” button), wiping the note and saving will delete the note from the database.


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