Dedicated Accounts Report


The Dedicated Accounts report is a counterpart to your Statement of Income and Expense as this shows the receipts and expenses for each dedicated account. Typically, this should be presented in tandem with your Statement of Income and Expense to give the full picture of your church's financial situation. This report is handy to run at year-end to show the overall usage of dedicated accounts at your church.

To access the Dedicated Accounts report, in Finance, choose reports, and then select Dedicated Accounts.


There are several options in the dedicated accounts report window, each one will be explained in detail below:

» Fund—This option lets you select which fund you want to run your Dedicated Accounts report for. All is the default option, and this will show you all dedicated accounts you have in Shepherd's Staff across all your books. Otherwise, you can pick one particular fund to run this report for.

» Report Month—This option lets you select what month you're running this report. The dedicated accounts report will always show your monthly receipts and expenses, and your year-to-date receipts and expenses, and in this window, you set what month you're showing in the monthly section, and how far into your year you're going for year-to-date.

» Level of Detail—This option controls to what level of grouping you're seeing for your report. You can either go to the Major Group, Minor Group, or Account level. At the Major Group level, you'll see the sum of all accounts under a particular major group grouped together, at the Minor Group level, you'll see all accounts under the same minor group grouped together, and at the Account level, you'll see each account listed on its own.

» Orientation—This option gives you two different choices, and this controls how your report prints out, either in Portrait orientation, where the page is taller than it is wide, or Landscape orientation, where the page is wider than it is tall.

» Responsibility—This option lets you select what responsibility codes you want to include on this report. Responsibility codes can be assigned to accounts to designate what group in your church these accounts belong to. If you're looking to generate a report that is focused just on that group, you can select their responsibility code to print out a report that would only show the accounts that this group has under their responsibility code.

» Include inactive accounts—This option, if checked, will include accounts that have been designated as inactive in your chart of accounts on your report.

» Save Month with report—If checked, this option, when you save your report in the library of saved reports, will retain the month you selected in the "Report Month" field. Left unchecked, this means the saved report will always default to the current month.

After you have set all your options, you can click print to send your report to the printer immediately, or click preview to see what your report looks like before printing.

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