Clean-Up Utility


You may decide at some point that you'd like to remove some old events from your event listing in the Scheduler module of Shepherd's Staff. The year end is a good time to decide to do this. If you decide that you want to run the Clean-Up utility in the Scheduler module, it is a good idea to first make a backup of your database first as changes made by this utility cannot be recovered unless you restore a backup.

Once you have made your backup, open the Scheduler module, and then click on Utilities on the bar along the top of the window. From here, click on "Clean-up...". You will be asked to confirm that you made a backup of your data. Click OK, and then you'll be presented a window with one checkbox. This is to "Purge Events that are on or older than". If you check the box, you can then select what date you want to use this utility on. The date you select and every date before it will have its events permanently deleted from Shepherd's Staff. When you've selected the date you want, click OK, and this will initiate the purge of events.


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