Deactivate unused accounts


Over time, you may have accounts on your chart of accounts that you no longer find yourself using. In this situation, you may want to clean up some of the accounts that are no longer being used, and deactivating those accounts would be the first step towards that. There are a few prerequisites to deactivating an account:

  1. The account's balance must be $0
  2. The account cannot be used in any pending transaction
  3. The account cannot be used in any recurring transaction
  4. The account cannot be used by any fund in the contribution module

While the system doesn't stop you from deactivating an account if an account is used in your Payroll Import, it is also a good idea to go to your Payroll Import set up and remove it from your Payroll Import.

Once all these conditions have been met, you can deactivate an account in the Finance module by opening your Chart of Accounts (click the A in the toolbar) selecting the account you want to deactivate, and click edit. This screen will then show you how the account is built, and in the top right corner in the "Account Status" box, you can choose the "Inactive" option. Click OK at the bottom window, and if all the conditions for deactivating an account have been met, the account will be marked as inactive. When an account is marked as inactive, it can no longer be used in transactions, and will not show up on reports unless you indicate that you want to see inactive accounts.


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