Account Balances Report


The Account Balances report lets you double check your balances throughout the finance module and see how your activity in the accounts through the end of a month have affected your balance to the end of the report month, or you can see the sum of all debits and credits on each account and how that has changed your account balance through the year. This report also shows Expected Equity (Assets-Liabilities-Dedicated), Actual Equity (Expected Equity+Equity Accounts) and Income Less Expense at the very bottom of the report.

To access the Account Balances Report, in Finance, click on Reports and choose "Account Balances".


There are several options in the Account Balances Report window, each one will be explained in detail below:

» Fund—This option lets you select which fund you want to run your Account Balances Report for. All is the default option, and this will show you all accounts you have in Shepherd's Staff across all your books. Otherwise, you can pick one particular fund to run this report for.

» As of—This option lets you choose the ending month for your report. This controls through what month you'll see your balances for.

» Format—There are two choices in the Format option box. Current Balance vs. Beginning Balance will show how much activity there has been in the account through the end of the month selected in the "As of" box, the Beginning Balance for the year for the account, and then the Current Balance for the account, which is the balance of the account at the end of the month selected.  The Debits vs. Credits option will instead show the debit balance vs. the credit balance for each account through the end of the month you selected in the "As of" box, and the total year-to-date change through the end of the month you selected in the "As of" box.

» Show monthly totals—This option, if checked, will show you the activity for each month in the "Activity through *month*" or in the "Debit Balance" and "Credit Balance" columns instead of just showing the total activity up to that point.

» Save Month with report—If checked, this option, when you save your report in the library of saved reports, will retain the month you selected in the "As of" field. Left unchecked, this means the saved report will always default to the current month.

» Include inactive accounts—This option, if checked, will include accounts that have been designated as inactive in your chart of accounts on your report.

After you have set all your options, you can click print to send your report to the printer immediately, or click preview to see what your report looks like before printing.


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