Reprinting checks


When there is an issue with your printed check, say it printed on regular paper rather than check stock, you do have the ability to print it again by recreating the check.

1.  Open up your Check Register and select the check in question

2.  Click the Copy button at the bottom of register/grid to create a copy of the original check (same vendor, line items, and amounts).  The check number and date fields will be blank.


3.  Click OK in the Copy a Check window to save the copy.

4.  Open your Accounts grid, select the account that the check is written out of, and then click the Edit button.

5. Use the Override Check Numbers box to enter in the check number you would like to use and click OK.  The Override feature allows you to manually reuse a check number.


6.  Print your check again (Printing Checks).

7.  Open your Check Register again and Void the check that printed incorrectly.  


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