I activated my envelopes too early. What can I do?

If you ran the utility to activate the new envelope numbers before you had entered all of your previous year's offerings,you can either restore the backup you made before you ran the "Start Using Next Year's Envelopes" utility, or you can use the manual renumbering method outlined in our envelope renumbering article, and then run the "Start Using Next Year's Envelopes" utility again.

I already did my renumbering, but I have new people to add to my list of envelopes

You can still enter new people onto your envelope list, even after renumbering. To do this, you would add that person or couple to the envelope list in the current year, like you would for any new contributor. When you add them to the list, consider not only their current envelope number, but also make sure you assign them an envelope number that will be appropriate for next year. If you want to fit them into an alphabetical order of envelopes, and you haven't handed out your envelopes for next year yet, you may want to run your renumbering utility again to get their next year number where you want it in sequence.

Deceased spouses are still showing up on my contribution statements

When a person on a joint envelope passes away, they are not automatically removed from their envelope. This gives you the opportunity to print a final contribution statement with both people on it. However, once this is done, you should remove the deceased spouse from the envelope. To do so, open the contributor grid, find the envelope that needs to be changed and click on it to highlight it, and click edit. Then, uncheck the box that says "This is a shared envelope." Make sure that the surviving spouse is listed as the contributor on the envelope, and then press OK.

I recalculated my pledges, but some of my offerings still aren't attached to my pledges

The recalculate pledges utility only attaches offerings to pledges if the pledge ends within the current year. In the case of multi-year pledges, if you aren't in the year that pledge ends, then the recalculate pledges utility will not attach offerings to that pledge. In this case, you would either need to manually attach the offerings in question to the pledge by editing the offering records in question.

How can I get a list of everyone who contributed to a particular fund?

The easiest way to get a listing of everyone who gave to a particular fund is to use the Fund Statment/Analysis report. By using the "List -- by envelope" or "List -- by total given" you'll be able to get a listing of pledged and unpledged giving for each contributor who gave to the fund you've selected.

My batch numbers reset back to 1. Will this cause any problems?

No. The batch number is just an internal counter in Shepherd's Staff, and it doesn't cause a problem if there are multiple batches with the same number. The date of the batch is the more important part to pay attention to. What causes your batch numbers to reset is when you run a database optimization when you have no unposted batches.

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