Pledge Listing Report (Summary By Fund)


The Pledge Listing Report can be used to look at individual contributor progress on pledges, but at the end of the year, it can also be a useful tool to be able to see a summary of all pledges to each fund, and compare those pledges to the giving that occurred throughout the year. This can help with projections for offerings for your next year, so your church has a better idea on what to expect. To accomplish this, we can use the Summary by Fund option in the Pledge Listing report.

  1. Click on Reports and select Pledge Listing from the Reports list
  2. Select if you're running the report for All Contributors or A subgroup of Contributors in the Who section
  3. Set the "Pledged-to date as of" and "Given-to-date as of" to the end of the date range you're wanting to view. The "Pledged-to-date as of" will show what should have been given by the date entered based on the pledges entered into Shepherd's Staff, and the "Given-to-date as of" will show what was actually given based on the offerings entered into Shepherd's Staff by that date
  4. Set the "Pledges active from" to the date range you're looking for. This field controls what pledges are counted within your report. As long as a pledge date range is ongoing within the date range you select, it will be included in this report.
  5. Under Type of Report, select "Summary by Fund". This report will show you a comparison of how much was pledged vs. how much was given on a per fund basis. The "Detail" option will instead show this figure for each contributor by each pledge they made. If you choose this option, you can also choose if you want to sort by Envelope, or Envelope Name.
  6. In the "Display pledged vs given as" field, you can select if you want to display the column header for the difference between the pledged amount and the given amount as showing Ahead (Behind) or to display "Amount Remaining".
  7. In the Funds box, by default, All Funds will be set. This makes sure that the report shows you all funds that were pledged to. However, if you want to adjust this report to only show certain Funds, click the "Funds " button, and you will see a box with "Funds not selected" on the left, and Funds selected on the right. To display a fund, click on it in the "Funds not selected' box, and click "Add>" to move it to the Funds selected box. Once you have added all funds you want on the report, click OK
  8. When finished setting up your report, click Preview to view the report on screen, or to print it right away, click the Print button.


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