Adding an Event Head Count



It is not uncommon for an event to occur for which the only form of attendance that is needed is a head count. Visitors also sometimes do not provide enough information to justify creating a household and person in the Membership module. Because of this, Shepherd’s Staff® has several ways to add a head count to an event batch or event record.


Adding a visitor head count to an attendance batch

In this situation, you are making an attendance batch for an event and you only want to add the head count of unknown visitors. This can be done by simply creating a batch with the Advanced Batch Entry and clicking the Visitors button on the right side of the window. If you have a batch already created, select it from the Attendance Batch view and click Edit. Select Advanced and then click Visitors.


Adding a head count to a previously entered batch

When an attendance batch is posted, it creates an event record , which can be found in the Events tab under the By Date category. To access, double-click the event record and edit the non-visitor and visitor count.


Adding an event record with only a head count

For an event in which only a head count was taken and no specific people need to be listed as attended, you can create an event record without having to create an attendance batch. To do this, go to the Events, then By Date and click Add. This will bring up a new window, where you can select the Event, Date, and then enter the totals for visitors and non-visitors.