Event Summary



The Event Summary report is the perfect way to print off a summary of any number of events from a certain time period. This will quickly display the attendance, date, and other statistics of events. Like in other reports, you can choose whether to search by event type or by specific events, and you can include notes that will appear in the Event Record.


Key Terms

» Who—A list of various groups of people, including members, enrollees, and people from a subgroup or list.

» Events from—The date range you want the report to display events from.

» Search by—Has two options that allow you to search by event type or by specific events.

» Include—Options to include event and visitor notes.


Here is how to generate an Event Summary report:

  1. Open the Attendance module and select the Reports tab, then select Event Summary from the list of reports.
  2. Select a date range using the Event Summary options.
  3. Select either a Type or an Event by clicking the radial buttons, and select the options that apply.
  4. Use the check boxes to include any other information.
  5. Click Print.