Importing Attendance Batches from WebTools



After you have completed an attendance batch in WebTools, the batch is ready to be imported into Shepherd’s Staff. The first step to making the import happen is to change the batch’s status in WebTools from “In process” to “Ready”. You can change the status by clicking on the status that is listed. Then you can open Shepherd’s Staff, import the batch, and post the batch.



» In Process—This means the batch is still being worked on. Changes can be made to the batch in WebTools only when the batch is listed as “In process”. 

» Ready—This means the batch is ready to be imported into Shepherd's Staff. When a batch has this status, it cannot be edited in WebTools. However, you can change the status back to “In process” to edit it in WebTools, or you can edit it in Shepherd’s Staff after you have imported it.



After a batch has been imported into Shepherd's Staff, it will be removed from WebTools.


Here is how to import a batch from WebTools:

  1. Log into WebTools.
  2. Click the Attendance Batches tab to view the attendance batches.
  3. Click on the status of the batch you want to import to change it to “Ready”.
  4. Open Shepherd's Staff and open the Attendance module.
  5. On the Attendance table that opens, navigate to the Batches tab.
  6. Click on the WebTools icon at the bottom of the window.
  7. Select the batch you want to import, then click Import.



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