Quick Add for Visitors


Sometimes quickly adding a visitor is all that you need to do in SS. Because of this, a feature is located in both the Membership and Attendance. This window is a form that only requires a first and last name to be submitted. Other information is can be added like children, contact information, and a note. In the Membership module, the form can be opened by the toolbar and menu drop downs. In the Attendance module, the form is opened when you are entering attendance into a batch. 

To open the Quick Add for Visitors in Membership:

  1. Click records and then people. Finally select "Quick Add for Visitors"


  1. Click the triangle next to plus P icon and then select "Quick Add for Visitors"

To open the Quick Add for Visitors in Contribution:

  1. While you are entering attendance, click the "Add a Visitor" button. Depending on the subgroup selected you may see a message asking if you would like to change it to All People.



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