Locations Tab


» INI File—The location of the program’s initialization file which contains configuration information. This file is used by Windows to save information about your preferences and operating environment. The INI File should not be modified without the supervision of a Software Support Representative.

» Current Database—The location of the current database in which you are working.

» Application Path—The location of the application. The Shepherd’s Staff application must be installed on each computer that needs access to the application.

» Work Database—The location of the temporary work database that is used by the program.

» Documents—The default location where documents are created and stored by the program.

» Alternate Spreadsheet Program—There are several reports and functions within Shepherd’s Staff that interface with MS Excel. If the church uses MS Works, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, etc., click on the icon to load the correct spreadsheet executable. The icon clears the field.



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