Field Names Tab


The Field Names Tab allows you to rename specific fields in the Membership and Scheduler modules. Renaming Fields is a way to customize your database to track information that is important to the church.

Custom fields are used to track specific information that Shepherd’s Staff isn’t already providing for. For example, there is no field for Households who get the Newsletter. A church could rename one of the Household fields (perhaps Option 1) to Newsletter. Since a field is being used, a Dynamic Subgroup can be made for Newsletter, making it easy to get labels for Newsletter recipients.

If you need more information on this tab, click F1 on your keyboard.

  1. You can access the Settings from the Main Menu by clicking Utilities and choosing “Settings.”
  2. Click Field Names to access the field names settings.
  3. To rename any of the fields, just choose the correct field under the drop-down list on the left, then type the new name under Change To, and then click Accept.
  4. After you have finished entering your settings, click OK to save the changes.



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