Attendance Tab


The Attendance Tab of the settings contains the database settings that are relevant to the Attendance module.

Included in these settings are the ability to rename your attendance types and how you define visitors in your attendance module.

Note: For more information on Attendance Types see the Attendance Manual or click F1 while you are adding an event in attendance.

  1. You can access the Settings from the Main Menu by clicking Utilities and choosing “Settings.”
  2. Click Attendance to access the attendance settings.
  3. To rename an Attendance Type, select the Type from the drop list, and then type in the change under Change To, and then press Accept. 
  4. Pick how you want to define visitors. This allows you to choose whom, based on the Participation field in Membership, the church wants to designate a “Visitor.” By choosing whom to designate a “Visitor,” Attendance Batches will provide better statistics on regular visitors.
  5. After you have finished entering your settings, click OK to save the changes.



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