Calendar of Events [Legacy]


The Calendar provides a fast, easy way to see what Events are scheduled and when.

Day Tab:

The current date shows on the bottom left button and the selected date (blue) shows on the bottom right button. Clicking either one of these buttons will take you back to that month.

The scroll bar in the middle of those dates can be moved with the arrows at either end or clicked and dragged.

Time Tab:

This tab contains the times that events are scheduled on the selected day. You can jump to a time by clicking in the bar to the left of the time buttons.

Key / Settings Tab:

This tab allows you to set the time interval for the time tab.

  1. Access the Calendar of Events tool by going to “Tools” in the menu bar and selecting “Calendar of Events.”
  2. Go to the day tab to select the day you want.
  3. Click the time tab to see events for that day.
  4. The Key / Settings allows time increment changes and a legend for the Calendar.
  5. The Filter tab allows a Room or Event to be filtered. 
  6. When you are finished with the window, click the Close button.



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