Calendar of Events Report [Legacy]


The Calendar of Events allows you to print a calendar showing any or all of your Events. You can also use it to print a blank calendar for requesting events or even create an HTML version of your calendar to post on the church’s website.

This report comes with the following formats:

» Standard (6 per day)—Prints the calendar with up to 6 events per day.

» Standard (9 per day)—Similar to the 6-day except it decreases the font size so that up to 9 events can be shown.

» Variable Space—Auto fits the calendar row sizes based on maximum number of events you have on a day during that week.

» One Week—This option just prints a single week’s events. The weeks are Sunday through Saturday so the start date selected must be a Sunday.

» Blank—Prints a blank standard calendar.

Note: Holidays will always be listed first on the calendar.

  1. Find this report by clicking on Reports and selecting “Calendar of Events.”
  2. Start by choosing the Format you want from the drop-down box.
  3. Now enter the Year and choose the month.
  4. The filters are a great way to provide a customized calendar for each type of event, room, contact, etc. If no filters are chosen, the calendar will print for every Event.
  5. Under the “Include” area you can choose to use any or all of those options. If no options are chosen, the calendar will print blank.
  6. After you have picked the option you want, click Preview to view the calendar or click Print to send the calendar directly to the printer.
  7. If you wish to view the calendar, click the “Export to the web” button. This HTML file can then be saved and sent to a webmaster to include on the church’s website.



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