Ministry Routes [Legacy]


Many churches have a bus or van ministry they use to help members of their congregation and neighborhood.

These ministry routes can consist of everything from busing children in for Sunday School or picking up teens for youth group to offering ride assistance to the elderly or delivering food.

The Ministry Route feature is simply a tool to help you organize and grow your routes and record the results for tracking the success of your Route ministries.

Each ministry route record contains the following tabs:

» Riders/Contacts—Let’s you attach the riders (contacts) on this ministry route.

» Workers/Drivers—Let’s you see the driver or workers on this route.

» Vehicles—Keep track of which vehicle this ministry route needs.

» Summary—Record the results for each day this ministry route runs.

  1. Access the Ministry Routes Grid by going to “Records” in the menu bar and selecting “Routes.” You can also click on the second M in the toolbar.
  2. To add a Ministry Route, click the Add button.
  3. Type in the name of this route (required).
  4. Choose the type of route from the drop-down list. This list is user created so make sure to keep it general like “Youth” or “Meals on Wheels.”
  5. Select the location for the route. This is another user created list and can be neighborhood’s in the city like “Webster” or even directions like “North City.”
  6. The notes field is for any general notes you have about this route.
  7. The next step is filling out the information on the tabs. Turn to the next page.
  8. If you want to add riders to this route, click on the Riders/Contacts tab and click the Add button.
  9. Choose the contacts you want and click OK. If you don’t see the contact you want, use the New button to add the contact first.
  10. After adding the riders, you can type into the grid the order you want to pick them up (and drop them off) and the approximate time you should be there.
  11. Adding “Workers / Drivers” is a similar process. Click the tab and Add the contacts.
  12. On the vehicles tab you can select a primary and secondary vehicle for this route from the drop-down lists. The vehicles in this list are the inventory records that have the “This is a vehicle” box checked.
  13. After the route is completed, go to the Summary tab to record the results. Click the Add button.
  14. In this window, start by choosing the Ministry route from the drop-down. You can then record the number of riders as well as any visitors that joined during the route. Use the notes field for any additional information you have about the route.

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