Repeat an Event [Legacy]


If you wish to repeat an event, you can do so using the “Repeat an Event” utility.

This utility will take a single event and creates copies for:

» Same day of the week, each week—Example: Every Sunday

» Same day of the week, every other week—Example: Every Other Sunday

» Same day of the month, each month—Example: 2nd Sunday of each month

» Consecutive days, starting on—Example: 7/14–7/21

  1. Start by going to the events grid (first E on the toolbar).
  2. Highlight the event you want to repeat in the grid.
  3. Click the “Repeat . . . ” button at the bottom of the window.
  4. This will open the “Repeat an Event” window. First verify the correct event in the “Repeat this Event” field.
  5. Now choose the manner in which you want to repeat. If you choose consecutive days, make sure you pick the starting date.
  6. Now put in how many times you want the event to repeat. This will be how many instances of the event that gets created.
  7. Click the next button to see if there are any conflicts. Click Next to continue.
  8. Verify the events that will be created. Click Finish to create the events.



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