Maintenance [Legacy]


When you have inventory items in the church, it’s inevitable that eventually some of those items are going to need maintenance.

From audio/visual items to the church van, keeping accurate, up-to-date maintenance records is not only a practice in good stewardship but can also mitigate any possible liability issues.

After the maintenance has been performed, a record can be stored in the “Maintenance Records” grid.

  1. Access the Maintenance Records grid by going to “Records” in the menu bar and selecting “Maintenance.” You can also click the first “M” on the toolbar.
  2. To add a Maintenance record, click the Add button.
  3. Start by choosing the Inventory item from the drop-down list.
  4. Now select the date, who performed the maintenance, and what type of maintenance it was.
  5. Enter further information on the Maintenance record with the Invoice, Cost, Vehicle Mileage, etc., fields. 
  6. Click OK to save the Maintenance record.



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