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CTS has multiple options for you to get help with Shepherd’s Staff if you need it. It is encouraged that you try one of the self-help options before contacting CTS Support.

  1. Online self-help: This is the newest and fastest way to find information about any part of Shepherd’s Staff. You can use the search feature to quickly find articles using keywords. In addition, you can leave comments on articles to ask questions that the articles do not cover. A CTS technician will then reply to your comment within one to two business days. You can visit the online self-help system at
  2. Help system built into Shepherd’s Staff: This can be accessed from any module by clicking “Help” in the top menu bar, then “User’s Guide”. It is important to note that this feature is not maintained anymore and some material may be out of date.
  3. CTS Support: If you are still having problems, you can contact CTS Support by calling 1.800.346.6120 or emailing If you have a Support Plan, then support is free. Without a Support Plan, emails are $25.00 and phone calls are $65.00 each.

At any time when you have Shepherd’s Staff open, you can press F1 to open either the online or built-in self-help system. If you have an internet connection, the online version will open. This feature is “context-sensitive” and will open the help page that is directly related to the window on your screen. In some cases, the help page will list a variety of articles that may be useful. The built-in self-help system will only open if there is no internet connection or there is no online article relating to the window on your screen.

In addition, if you have an active Support Plan, you can view recent training videos. These videos can be found under the Help section of the main menu. These videos are recordings of past webinars, and some even cover complex systems such as year-end processes.

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