Recreate the Reporting Database


When you tell Shepherd’s Staff to print a report, Shepherd’s Staff gathers information from different areas of the database, combines the information into a temporary Work Database, and produces the report. If you are having difficulties printing a report, using the troubleshooting utility called “Recreate the reporting database” may fix the issue.

Note: To print reports, Shepherd’s Staff is dependent on your computer’s print driver (the software that comes with a printer). If the print driver has problems or bugs, the reporting abilities of Shepherd’s Staff will be greatly affected. Therefore, troubleshooting report problems should also include reinstalling the print driver.

  1. Click on “Utilities” in the main menu.
  2. Click “Recreate the reporting database”. The utility should only take a couple of seconds to run.
  3. After the utility is finished, click OK.



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