Module Access Tab


On this tab you can set the access this user has to each of the modules.

» No Access—Means the user won’t be able to get into the module from the Main Menu.

» Supervisor—Allows total access within the module.

» User—allows administrators to grant specific access to areas within the module.

To grant “Read Only” access to a module, choose User for the module access, but only grant access to Subgroups and reports. By doing this, the user will still be able to print Reports and create Subgroups, but not be able to change, add or delete any Records.

  1. In order to change module access for a user, go to the Main Utilities and click User Security.
  2. Click add or edit to open a user window. The module access screen will look the same whether you are adding or editing a user.
  3. Choose if you want the user to have No Access, User Access, or Supervisor Access.
  4. If you choose “User,” a details button will show up to the right of the access.
  5. Click on the details button to choose for which tasks or data you want them to have access.



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