User Security


User Security allows a SYSADMIN to enter all users of Shepherd’s Staff and control the level of access each user receives. User Security contains information on logins, passwords, and what access the user has to modules, email, and what they can do on WebTools. 

This is a great way to give everyone access to only the information he or she needs. So one user could have access to membership and attendance but not contributions, while a second user can have access to just contributions. In this way, not only are you practicing good database security, but it also helps with a consistent division of labor.

You can also give two users access to the same module but have them responsible for different tasks. For example, one user could have the ability to enter in contribution Batches but not to post those Batches. Then another user could come and check that Batch and then post it. This kind of setup can improve your checks and balances.

It is recommended that everyone who enters Shepherd’s Staff have his or her own user profile in User Security to take advantage of the Audit Log, which is an internal-activity tracking log.

Access User Security by going to the Main Utilities and clicking User Security.

To Add a New User:

  1. Clicking Add will open an Add User window.
  2. Key in the User ID (the login name), First Name, Last Name and Password (login password). 
  3. The Active check box turns on or off the ability to login with the specified user profile.
  4. Click OK to add the user.

To Edit an Existing User:

  1. Clicking Edit will open an Edit User window.
  2. Make the needed changes to the user. Click OK to save the changes to the user.

Delete a User:

  1. If you wish to delete a user, simply choose the user and click Delete. If the user still has entries on the audit log, you will not be able to delete them. The best option in this case is to make the user inactive until the audit log entries are gone, and then you can delete them.



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