System Tab


The system stores the settings for your database. You can set your edition of your database which will in turn change some of the field names and give you reports that are unique to your denomination.

You will want to make note of both the “Days to keep audit log entries” and the “Century cut-off for 2-digit years” settings.

The Audit Log is an internal-activity tracking system within Shepherd’s Staff. The “Days to Keep” setting allows the SYSADMIN to increase or decrease the number of days to keep the log (minimum 450 days).

The century “Cut-off for 2-digit years” setting controls whether a 2-digit year is converted to a “20XX” year or “19XX” year. Normally the default setting of 15 is adequate but at times will need to be changed.

If you need information on any of the other settings on this tab, simply click F1 on your keyboard to get a complete listing.

  1. You can access the Settings from the Main Menu by clicking Utilities and choosing “Settings.”
  2. Click the system tab to access the system settings.
  3. After you have finished entering your settings, click OK to save the changes.


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