Update from Membership [Legacy]


When Contacts are added automatically from Membership, the information on that Contact is brought into Scheduler.

However, once it is in Scheduler that info will not automatically change. For example, ages will stay the same regardless of the date and name/contact information will not change regardless of a change in the Membership module.

For this reason, we have included the “Update from Membership” utility for updating this information.

  1. Access this utility by going to “Utilities” in the menu bar and selecting “Update from Membership.”
  2. Confirm you want to run this utility by clicking Yes. 
  3. After it’s done, you will see a confirmed message.
  4. Keep in mind that persons who have been removed from Membership will not be removed by the update. To remove a person from the Contacts grid, simply select him or her and click Delete.

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