Route Details Report [Legacy]


The Route Details Report is used for printing complete information about your routes or for printing route/rider checklists.

Then you can use the checklists on your routes for keeping track of whom you have picked up or visited, verifying everyone has gotten on the bus for the ride home, as well as making sure you dropped off everyone you picked up.

In addition, this report can be useful for visitation purposes. You can visit everyone on the route a day or two before the route runs, to make sure the person will ride or be home.

  1. Find this report by clicking on Records and selecting Route Details.
  2. First pick the route for which you are running this report.
  3. Pick whether you want route details or a rider checklist from the format drop-down. You can also just print a generic checklist if you haven’t set riders.
  4. You can sort the report by pick-up order, pick-up time, or rider name.
  5. Under the “Include for Workers” area you can choose the information you want to include for worker records by checking those boxes.
  6. Similarly you can choose the fields to include for the riders in that area.
  7. After you have picked the option you want, click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.



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