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Events are the heart of the Scheduler module. They allow us to track the things going on in our church and make sure that rooms, inventory, and contacts do not overlap without notifying you first.

An Event is defined as any gathering or usage of church facilities by one or more people. Events could be anything from a wedding or church picnic to a meeting or sporting event. You can even use events to mark cleaning schedules or maintenance.

Events are kept and added within the “Events” grid. Like other grids in Shepherd’s Staff, you can edit and delete records, sort columns, find or filter for particular events, and even export the list to a spreadsheet.

Note: When the Event Grid opens, it defaults to displaying all events on or after the current Module Date (lower right hand corner of the program screen). If you mark the check box labeled “Show expired events for the past 30 days,” the grid will change to only show events from the past 30 days (from yesterday back to 30 days ago). If you then uncheck the same check box, the grid changes again to show you all events.

You will use the Select Date/Time window to pick the date and the time of your event. All other previously entered Events in the same room will show in a light blue color.

» Day Tab—This tab will always show two consecutive months to help with date selection. The current date shows on the bottom left button and the selected date (blue) shows on the bottom right button. Clicking either one of these buttons will take you back to that month. The scroll bar in the middle of those dates can be moved with the arrows at either end or clicked and dragged.

» Time Tab—This tab contains time interval buttons that are used for selecting time. You must select the begin time first and the end time second by clicking on the button for those times. You can jump to a time by clicking in the bar to the left of the time buttons. You can also use the clear button at the top if you accidentally select the wrong time.

» Key / Settings Tab—This tab allows you to set the time interval for the time buttons.

After returning to the Add Event window, you will see the date, begin time, and end time filled out at the top of the window. If the date or time are incorrect, just click the Date/Time button again to re-enter that information.

At this point the required information will be completed. If this is all the information you need for this event, you can click OK to save it. If not, continue adding information to the record.

  1. Access the Events grid by going to “Records” in the menu bar and choosing “Events.” You can also click on the first “E” in the toolbar.
  2. To add an Event, click the Add button.
  3. Enter the Event name.
  4. Choose the Room/Location of the event from the drop list. If the room you want has not been created. Click the Add Room Icon to create a new Room.
  5. Click on the Time/Date button to enter the time and date.
  6. If there are People/Contacts or Inventory assigned to the room chosen, you will be asked if you want to use those for this event.
  7. Answering Yes will add the Room’s Contacts and Inventory.
  8. Clicking on the Time/Date button again will open the Time/Date window.
  9. With the Time/Date window open, find the date of the Event (an event can only be for one day).
  10. Either double-click on that day or select and click on the Time tab.
  11. To establish a Begin Time, click directly on the button for that time.
  12. To establish an End Time, click directly on the button for that time.
  13. Once finished, click OK to return to the event creation window.
  14. Next, pick the type of event from the drop-down list. This is another list created by you so make sure to keep it rather vague so you don’t end up with too many options.
  15. Now enter the expected attendance and any notes you may have about this event.
  16. If you answered Yes to the contacts/inventory question in step 6 and 7, you may already have contacts and inventory in the contained grids.
  17. If you wish to add more contacts or inventory to this event, you can do so using the Add button on either grid.
  18. Select the contacts/inventory from the resulting window and click OK.
  19. You can also remove any attached records using the remove button or add new records that are not in the selection list.
  20. Once you are finished, click OK to save the event.




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