Church Keys [Legacy]


By their nature, churches often have many rooms, storage, and other keys which are entrusted to employees, volunteers, and other church leaders.

The Church Keys area of the Scheduler module allows churches to maintain a record of their keys, the associated room(s) which each key opens, and a record of which people have been assigned specific keys, as well as who has returned them to the office (signing out and returning keys).

  1. Access the Church Keys grid by going to “Records” in the menu bar and choosing “Church Keys.” You can also click the Keys button in the toolbar.
  2. To add a Key, click the Add button.
  3. The first field is the key number. This is just a number you create for this key. It does not assign one since you may have already assigned a number to that key internally.
  4. The Key category/type list is user created so you can enter whichever types you want. Examples could be: Entry, Storage, Alarm, Exterior, etc.
  5. Next choose for which room this key goes with.
  6. Under Key Description you can enter some details about what the key looks like.
  7. If the key is assigned, check that box and enter whom it’s assigned to along with the date.
  8. Finally enter any other notes you have about this key or the assigned person.



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