Inventory Loaned Out [Legacy]


If a contact needs to borrow an inventory item, you can enter that loan into the “Inventory Loaned Out” grid. These records allow you to record the item and contact as well as the relevant dates and reason for use.

These loan records will also show on the inventory item’s record under the On Loan tab.

When Loans are past due, you will be prompted when you first enter the Scheduler module. On the grid, unreturned loan records will be white and returned loan records will show light blue.

  1. Access the “Inventory Loaned Out” grid by going to Records in the menu bar and selecting “Equipment Loaned Out.” You can also click the second “I” on the toolbar.
  2. To Add a Loan, click the Add button.
  3. Pick the contact’s name from the drop-down list. If the person is not in the list, you will need to add them as a contact.
  4. Select the item the contact is borrowing along with the amount.
  5. Fill in the Loaned Out and To Be Returned Dates.
  6. Location and Notes are option fields for any additional information you want to keep.
  7. Click OK to save the record.
  8. Once the item is returned, you can edit the loan record and enter in the Date Returned.



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