Adding an award is a two-step process. First, create an award account in the AR system. Then, add the award to the student’s account.

  1. Add an award account to Accounts Receivable by selecting “Awards” from the drop down in the upper left corner.
  2. Select Add at the bottom left. 
  3. Fill out the account information (an account can have several different types of awards).
  4. Click “New” on the right.
  5. Fill out the required date, name, and amount for the award account. Select a “Type,” then describe the requirements for the award in the comments.
  6. Add an Award to an Account by clicking the Award tab on the right. 
  7. Fill in the award’s name and amount. Assign it to an individual student or the account as a whole. Add notes to the award as needed. 
    • Note: Adding an award to an account does not complete a transaction. This simply assigns the amount to the account or student.


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