There are several ways to add payments to an account:

» In the Account view, select the Transaction tab. Select the transaction and click “Pay.” This will add payment only to the selected transaction.

» You can follow the same process from the Student / Children view.

» In the Payments view, click “Add.”

Next, select the account receiving the payment, the total payment amount, and the transaction that will be paid. Add information such as payment method, document number, or additional comments.

Selecting Multiple Transactions (if available) requires manually entering the applied amounts. Note that the applied amount(s) must match the total payment(s).

Click “Save” to save and close the window or “Add Again” to save and add another payment.

Note: You cannot edit a payment once it has been added.

To pay with money in an account:

  1. Navigate to the payment window using one of the methods listed above.
  2. Select an account with money in it. 
  3. From the drop-down, select which money will be applied.
  4. Select the transaction. Fill out the applied column.
  5. Click “Save.”

To apply an award to a different account:

  1. Set up the award and add it to an account (see Awards), you can apply it to different accounts.
  2. Navigate to the payment window using one of the methods listed above.
  3. Use the Payment drop down to select Award.
  4. Select the Award to be applied.
  5. Select the transaction. Fill in the total payment amount.
  6. Click “Save.”