Account Balances Report


This is a report of the current balances based on the current month or previous months during the fiscal year.

It also contains the expected equity, actual equity, and income less expenses calculations at the end of the report.

There are two different formats for this report:

» Current Balance vs. Beginning Balance—Compares the balance of an Account at the beginning of the year with the balance as of the report month.

» Debits vs. Credits—Compares the debits and credits for all Accounts, so you can verify that the Finance module is in balance (debits should equal credits, and vice versa). The Debits vs. Credits version of the report is sometimes called the Trial Balance Report.

  1. Find this report by going to “Reports” in the menu bar and selecting “Account Balances.”
  2. Select the Finance fund from which you want to report. The report prints for one fund at a time.
  3. Next, pick the month up to which to include balances.
  4. Now choose the format you want for this report.
  5. Checking the “Show Monthly Totals” box expands the report to display a monthly breakdown, up to and including the “As of” month.
  6. Choose any other options you may want.
  7. Click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.