Budget Worksheet


If it turns out you would prefer to figure the budgets yourself (rather than having them projected using the Budget Projection Report), you can use the Budget Worksheet.

This report lets you review budget numbers for the current and next year. It’s helpful in formulating the new budget and provides the historical information necessary in preparing a realistic budget.

The Budget Worksheet is also handy for importing budgets as it contains an Export button, which will create a spreadsheet you can use with the import utility.

  1. Find this report by going to “Reports” and selecting “Budget Worksheet.”
  2. You can choose the specific Accounts or click Reset to report for all accounts.
  3. The type field is used for printing each fund separately (normal) or combining funds all into the same report (combined).
  4. Next choose the level of detail you want.
  5. Finally you can include additional items for this report by checking the boxes in the “Options” area.
  6. Once your selections are made, click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.
  7. If you wish to export this report as a spreadsheet, click the “Export to spreadsheet” button. Make sure to save the file as an “.xlsx” file.