Account Ledger


As we have learned, transactions in the Finance module are composed of debits and credits.

Each account tracks its own debits and credits on a Ledger.

Access the Ledger by going to the Accounts Grid and double-clicking the account ledger you want to see.

You can also highlight the account and click the Ledger button at the bottom of the window.

  1. Each line contains information about a specific transaction. This information includes the date, transaction number, memo, status, and vendor (if applicable).
  2. It also contains the type of transaction: “C” is for check, “D” is for deposit, and “E” is for journal entry.
  3. Each ledger also contains a running balance so you can see how each transaction affects that balance.
  4. If you wish to view any of these transactions, simply highlight it and click View.
  5. The Ledger defaults to showing the entire fiscal year but you can show specific months if you wish by choosing that month from the drop-down list at the bottom of the Ledger window.
  6. You can print this list by clicking the Preview button or even export it to a spreadsheet by clicking the “Export to Spreadsheet” button.