Action-Based Task


There are times when repeating a task based on a schedule will just not work. This is where action-based tasks come into play. These tasks generate automatically when a user makes a change in Shepherd’s Staff.

Examples of these actions include adding a visitor, marking someone as baptized, and changing an individual’s marital status.

  1. Click New Task to start the creating a new Task Template.
  2. Enter the Task name (required), Category, and Description / overview. 
  3. Under the “Repeat this task” section, select “When someone” and select the appropriate action. 
  4. Assign responsibility or ownership to the task to ensure the task is completed in a timely manner. You can assign up to three people to a single task. 
  5. You may also need to set a “Task start date,” set the “Days allowed to complete it,” and enter a “Stop repeating on” date. 
  6. Make sure to click Save.

Note: If this task has a future start date, check the “Make inactive until after” checkbox and fill in the appropriate date.