CPH Envelope Mailing Program


These mailing program sets are custom and individually addressed offering envelopes. Your contributors will receive an envelope for each Sunday of the month, plus any Special collection envelopes you choose. Enjoy all the benefits of Custom Printed Boxed Sets with the added bonus of having each member’s name and address printed on their envelopes and mailed directly to their home.

Call Concordia Publishing House at 1-866-786-1570 for complete details!

Note: Only users with Supervisor rights to Contributions can use this function.

  1. You will first need to obtain a Submission ID by setting up an order account with CPH.
  2. Enter the number into the Submission ID field.
  3. Select if you want to e-mail the data to CPH or export the data directly to a spreadsheet for review.
  4. Choose if you want all contributors, a Subgroup, or even a single person.
  5. You can use either the current or next year’s envelope number for each Contributor you are ordering envelopes for.
  6. If you are using alternate household addresses, you may want to check the “Use active Household alternate address” box.
  7. If you don’t want skipped envelopes included, make sure to exclude them by checking the “Exclude envelopes marked skipped” box.
  8. Finally choose the month and year you want the envelopes to start.
  9. After all the fields are filled out, click continue to e-mail your export to CPH.

 Note: This feature is no longer included in Shepherd's Staff version 8.8 and onward.


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