Report Writer


Report Writer lets you create additional reports that are not found in Membership, Attendance, and Contributions.

You can print up to 10 pieces of information (fields) about people in your database. This information can be printed for all people, for an Activity, Skill, or Training Class list, for a subgroup, or even for just one person.

You choose the sort order, the column headings, the report title(s), the fonts, and the layout.

  1. Access the Report Writer by going into the Membership, Attendance, or Contributions module and clicking on Reports. When the Reports window opens, click the Report Writer button on the right.
  2. The report creation process is designed to work from left to right, selecting each tab in order. That means we will start on the Saved Reports tab.
  3. If you are creating a new report, start by clicking the New Report button. This will add a new line to the grid titled “New Report.”
  4. Highlight “New Report” and type in what you want to name this report. Now, type in a description of this report.
  5. If you are using or updating a saved report, simply highlight that report.
  6. Now click the “Who” tab. This tab allows us to pick which group of people we want to show on the report.
  7. Click which of the options you want to use and then choose the relevant list, subgroup, or person in the drop-down list. 
  8. So if you want to use just the people involved in a specific activity, click on Activities and then choose the activity from the drop-down list.
  9. Then, if you only want the people presently involved in this activity, select “Present” below the drop-down box.
  10. There are also filters available for you to use.
    • Members only—Only people marked as “Member” on the Person record will show up.
    • No removed people—Anyone with data in their Removed By field will not show on this report if you have this checked.
    • Exclude deceased persons—Anyone with “Death” in their Removed By field will not show on this report if this is checked. All other “Removed by” statuses will show on the report.
    • One Contributor for Joint Envelopes—If you are creating a report for contributions, checking this box will only show information once for a given envelope instead of showing the same duplicate information for both contributors.
  11. The next step is choosing what data you want for this report. To do this, we need to go to the “What” tab.
  12. On this tab there are 10 fields that you can use on your report. Each field will show as a different column on the report.
  13. To select a field, simply click on the drop-down box and find the field you need. It’s important to remember that these fields are the same fields that you enter in information on all the different records. For example, there is a Marital Status field on the Person record, so therefore “Marital Status” is one of the options in this drop-down box.
    • Show fields for—To help you search, you can select just a specific module to show fields for. So if you are looking for a Membership field, check only the Membership box under “Show fields for”, and only the Membership fields will show in the drop-down box.
  14. If you want the report grouped by a certain field, that field needs to be selected in the first field and the “Group results by this field” box needs to be checked. This only works with the first field.
  15. Change the column heading by just retyping what you want the heading to be.
  16. If you wish to graph this report, you can do that by clicking the Create Graph button at this time.
  17. The next step is deciding on the Format and Layout, so click that tab. On this tab you can choose your layout, sorting, and formatting.
  18. Under Layout you can choose portrait or landscape as well as adding pictures. This option is covered in more detail in the Photo Directory section of the manual.
  19. You can sort up to three levels, in ascending or descending order.
  20. Under formatting, you can also choose a custom title, font, and date, along with some other options.
  21. Once you have the settings the way you want them, click the Save Report button on the right hand side.
  22. Click Preview to see the report. You can also export the information to a spreadsheet as well as to a file for use in a word processing mail merge.





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