Mail Merge [Legacy]


The Mail Merge report exports basic Household, Person, and Contributor information in a format that is readable by other software programs. This file can be saved in the computer or exported to Word or Excel for customized letters and spreadsheets.

When exporting out data, the main objective is to select the correct Available Fields and move them to Fields to be Merged. Moving the Fields can be done by double-clicking or by highlighting the Field and pressing Add.

Mail Merge can be used for a number of different applications; custom form letters, importing contacts to MS Outlook, importing to a PDA, creative spreadsheets, etc. This manual will now go through the steps of creating a custom form letter.

  1. This custom form letter is going to all Households, a Subgroup of individuals, an AST List, or those Households with the Newsletter option marked. Under the Merge Type, choose Households and for the Address, Primary. 
  2. With Options, the Field Names must be checked so you can navigate the data better once out of Shepherd’s Staff. The Listed Phones Only option isn’t necessary because this letter isn’t using Phone Numbers.
  3. In the Available Fields, double-click over the Label Name 1, Address Lines 1 and 2, City, State ZIP, and Household Salutation so that they move to the Fields to Be Merged side. This is going to be a typical letter with our recipient’s name and address above the copy of the letter.
  4. Since the Fields selected won’t sort in any usable order, choose Default under the Sort Direction to get an alphabetical order. 
  5. When the set is complete, click on the Merge button to merge the information to an MS Word file.
  6. Select the location, enter a file name, and click Save.
  7. The following steps take place in MS Word. Your version of MS Word may look different. Functionally, the steps will be very similar in any version of Word. Word 2010 is shown here. If you use a different word processing program, you will want to consult your program’s user information to learn the mail merge steps.
  8. After the letter is typed, place the cursor where the first Merge Field will go, click on Mailings, Start Mail Merge, and then click on the Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.
  9. Go through each step to complete the mail merge.
  10. On step 3, click Browse and double-click on your merge file, and click OK.
  11. In step 4, click More Items . . .  and insert your fields.
  12. At step 6 you have the option to print or edit individual letters.
  13. Using the same setup as the custom form letter, clicking on the Export to Spreadsheet button will open your default spreadsheet and drop the information into columns.
  14. Once the spreadsheet is open, edit the document as you see fit. This document was opened as a text file, so if it is saved, make sure to choose an Excel format as the file type. 
  15. The Mail Merge report has endless possibilities. Any program that will import text can be used with the Mail Merge report.



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