Contribution / Pledge Comparison


This report prints the amount of Contributions received toward individual Pledges.

It helps determine how contributors are progressing toward their Pledges, and lets you identify contributors who have exceeded or fallen behind on their Pledge by a certain amount or percentage.

The Comparison Report offers a unique Pledge filter to help narrow down contributors ahead or behind by a specific dollar amount.

Note: If you wish to see this report without contributor names make sure to check the option “Hide Contributor Names.”

  1. Access this report by going to Reports and selecting “Contribution / Pledge Comparison.”
  2. You can run this report for all contributors or just a Subgroup of contributors.
  3. Enter the “Pledged-to-date as of” and “Given-to-date as of” fields based on your needs. There is no beginning date, as this report will show all pledges active as of the “Pledged-to-date as of” field regardless of the start date.
  4. There are several options for sorting this report. Choose the one that fits your needs the best.
  5. In order to fill out the Pledge Filter, select either “Pledges More Than This Amount or Percentage,” key in a dollar amount/percentage, and choose either Ahead or Behind. 
  6. This report can be run for All Funds or select specific funds by clicking the Funds button.
  7. Click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.



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