Generating Recurrent Transactions


The Recurrent Transaction themselves are just templates. In order to create the actual transactions when the time comes, the recurrent templates must be generated.

  1. The first step of this process is remembering that the transactions are due.
  2. For this reason, the Recurrent Transactions grid has a Reminder button at the bottom of the window that helps you remember these transactions. It allows you to give yourself a reminder a set number of days prior to a transaction being due.
  3. This reminder will show in the toolbar as a finger with a string around it when you open the Finance module.
  4. The next step is making sure you generate the correct transactions. On the Recurrent Transactions grid there is a check box titled “Generate only for selected transactions.” If this box is NOT checked, clicking the Generate button will generate a transaction for every template in the grid.
  5. However, if it is checked it will only generate for templates that are highlighted. You can highlight multiple templates by holding CTRL down on your keyboard while clicking the templates.
  6. The final step is choosing the date for deposits and journals. The dates will be set as the “Next Date” by default. If you want the date to be the current date, check the “Use the module date instead of the Next date” box.
  7. Once you have the transactions and date option selected, click the Generate button to create the transactions.
  8. Finance will tell you how many transactions will be created; click Yes to continue.
  9. The status of checks will be set as pending while deposit and journal entries will have a status of blank. This allows you to go to the respective grids and make any changes specific to that month’s or week’s transaction.



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