Payroll Import

  1. Find the Payroll Import by going to the Finance module and clicking Payroll Import in the menu bar.
  2. Pick your payroll software from the drop-down box.
  3. Next, click the folder icon on the right side of the window to find the spreadsheet file.
  4. Locate the spreadsheet file and click Open.
  5. Once the file is loaded, click the Import button to load the data into the importer.
  6. Now click the Setup button.
  7. In the Setup window, start by selecting the bank account these checks are being paid from.
  8. Next you will see three tabs: Accounts, Vendors, and Account Types.
  9. On the accounts tab you need to connect the payroll item to the account in Shepherd’s Staff. To do this, click on the cells beneath “Matching Account in Shepherd’s Staff” and select the proper account.
  10. Once all the accounts are matched, click on the Vendors tab.
  11. Each vendor from the import file will be listed in this window. You will need to match the vendors in the list with the same vendor in Shepherd’s Staff. Click on the cell beneath “Matching Vendor in Shepherd’s Staff” to make your selections.
  12. The last tab is Account Types where you can verify that the account types match.
  13. After you are finished, click OK to save this information. (You won’t need to re-enter next time unless you change accounts or add more vendors).
  14. When you are ready to move the paychecks into Shepherd’s Staff, click the Merge button.
  15. You will receive a verification that the checks have been added, at which point you can close the Payroll Import.
  16. When you go to your check register, you will see the imported checks listed with a status of pending.

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  • Can the default location of the Payroll Import file be changed?

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  • Hi David,
    You can change the default location by opening the payroll import window and selecting the file icon next to the next to the field listing the location of the payroll import file. (Described in step 3). This will save the location, so clicking the folder icon will always open the same location so that it's easy to select a new file to import.

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  • That is what I have been trying but it's not working. The default location is always "Computer/Local Disk (C:)/Users/Public/Public Documents/CPH Shepherds Staff 8/SSData" regardless of where the last downloaded file was located. I always need to change the actual location, which is usually my computer's "Downloads" folder. I can always get to the file; it just seemed it would be easier if Shepherd's Staff were able to default to the "Downloads" folder initially when I click the folder icon.

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  • I think I have discovered the solution to my problem.

    What I was overlooking was that the “Payroll Import File” next to the folder icon was exactly that – the name of a file – not just a location and I was changing the name before each import.

    Here's what I need to do.

    Determine the repetitive file name downloaded from the payroll provider and the repetitive location of the file after the download has completed. Use that location as the default location and the name of the downloaded file as a default file name. Click the folder icon on the right side of the window to establish or change that location and file name. After that, If the location and file name displayed are the ones desired, don't click the folder icon; go straight to the Import folder icon.

    Use the default location and name as the source for the Import operation. Once the import operation has completed, rename the default file and/or move it out of the default location to avoid a duplicate name the next time a download is attempted. Typically, the downloaded file will always be the same name, but the contents will be different from payday to payday.

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