Vendor Labels


If you need to send a payment or correspondence to a vendor, we have already seen that we can do that by clicking the Label button on the Vendor Grid.

However, we can also use the Vendor Labels Report to print multiple labels at once.

With this report, you can even print mailing labels for checks paid on a certain date. For example, if you wrote out checks for the month on 10/25, you could run this report for all vendors with a paid check on 10/25. The report would print mailing labels for only those vendors, which you would then use to mail the checks. Much easier than printing them out one at a time!

  1. Access this report by going to “Reports” in the menu and selecting “Vendor Labels.”
  2. You can run labels for a single Vendor Type like “Employee” if you want to, or run the labels for all vendors. You can also choose to print labels for a single date as mentioned in the description section of this page.
  3. For your labels, you can choose to print address information for mailing or contact information for internal use.
  4. Pick the style of labels you are using and choose if you want barcodes or bulk mail format.
  5. If there are labels missing from your label sheet, you can skip those labels by entering in the number of labels missing in the Skip box.
  6. Once your selections are made, click Preview to view the labels or click Print to send the labels directly to the printer.