Importing Budgets


This feature allows you to import multiple (or all) monthly budgets directly into Finance.

You can import budgets from any spreadsheet provided the first column is the Shepherd’s Staff account number (015-01-02-11), the second column is the account name (General Offerings), and the budgets are in the third column (and beyond if doing 12 month).

For this reason, we have included an export on the Budget Worksheet for getting this exact format.

  1. Start by going to the Budget Worksheet Report (directions on the previous page).
  2. Select the settings and options you want and then click on the “Export to spreadsheet” button to open the sheet in your default spreadsheet program.
  3. At this point you can start entering your budgets. This can be done using a lump-sum method or the 12-month method.
  4. The lump-sum method will take the amount in column C and divide it equally for all 12 months.
  5. The 12 month method lets you put in each month’s budget in columns C through N. (Note: It doesn’t matter what the column headings are)
  6. After changes or editing are complete within the spreadsheet, it must be saved as an “.xls” or “.wk?” file type for Shepherd’s Staff to recognize it.
  7. Remember the location where you saved it as it will need to be retrieved in a couple steps.
  8. It is recommended that you make a backup prior to continuing. See the page entitled “Backing up Your Database” in the front of the manual.
  9. Go back into the Finance module. Click on “Accounts” in the menu bar and choose “Budget Import.”
  10. After confirming you have made a backup, the Budget Import window will open.
  11. If you have previously entered budgets for this year, make sure to click the “Do not overwrite existing budgets” check box.
  12. Click on “Load Spreadsheet” to locate and open the previously saved .xls document.
  13. After opening the file, the rows and columns will appear in the window.
  14. Choose the layout based on how you entered the budgets (Step 4 or 5).
  15. Choose the fiscal year for which you are importing the budget. 
  16. The final step is to click on Import Budgets. 
  17. Shepherd’s Staff will go through all the accounts, picking up the budgets and inserting them into the program.

If there are problems in the import, an error report will immediately be available showing which account budgets didn’t get imported.

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