Shepherd’s Staff allows churches to enter budgets for income and expense accounts. These are the accounts that track your receiving and spending, so it stands to reason they would have budgets on that receiving and spending. Budgets can be entered manually for each income and expense account or imported in from a spreadsheet, creating all the budgets at one time.

Budgets can be added and changed at any time throughout the year.

On this page, you will see how to manually add budgets. For information on the import process see the page entitled “Importing Budgets.”

To add a budget manually, open the Accounts grid, highlight the correct income or expense account, and then click the Budget button.

Note: Users have to have permissions to “Maintain Budgets” to add or edit budgets.

  1. Before adding any budget, check the Fiscal Year. If you are adding next year’s budgets, click on Add. 
  2. Budgets can be manually keyed into each month by clicking in the correct month in the Budget column and keying in the figure. If you are doing this method, skip to step 7.
  3. If you wish to enter a lump-sum budget or use past Actuals, click the Project/Copy button.
  4. For lump-sum budgets, choose “Equal monthly amounts,” fill in the amount, and then click OK. This will divide the amount across all months.
  5. You can also choose to use previous actuals and budgets to create the budget automatically by choosing one of the other options. For information on each of these options press F1 on your keyboard.
  6. Click OK after you have chosen the calculation method to fill in the budgets.
  7. After projecting a budget, monthly amounts can still be edited by changing the figures manually.
  8. Click OK to save the budget.